The inception of the film Tides of Sunrise emerged when I was organizing a montage of photographs upon themes related to the lifespan. During that time my brother, Arlen, sent me a song he had composed, The Oneness of People. I was inspired by his heartfelt song to enrich the film musically by using three separate but connected themes based on my brother’s original composition. This music underlines the photographs we selected to portray the ephemeral yet poignant nature of life and relationships, in particular the bond between mother and child. Perhaps the birth of my own first child, awakened me to the courageousness of motherhood as I witnessed the depth of love and sacrifice of many mothers for their children. We further attempted to depict how our human lives are nourished by nature’s presence; from the air we breathe to the water we drink. So the title, Tides of Sunrise, reflects that life is dependent upon nature’s movements (tides) and that the warmth and fleeting moments of the sunrise can be compared with the bond between a loving mother and her child in their ephemeral moments together.

in Ties of Sunrise short film
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